The curtain has lifted on the newly revamped PRIMI restaurant in Canal Walk, Cape Town. Construction continued for weeks behind an inconspicuous temporary framework. We had you all guessing what was next. Now, finally PRIMI Canal Walk has opened its doors to the public.

Taking centerstage in the pristinely engineered kitchen, is PRIMI’s trademark wood-fired pizza oven. Reaching temperatures of up to 450˚C, the oven can spin out a pizza in 90 seconds – crispy in all the right places. There’s some serious heat in this kitchen.

“When it finally came down to the ‘ta-da’! moment, we knew we had created a space where people would want to spend their time. It’s designed to be the archetypal lunch meeting space, a place for families to share a meal together, a destination for weekend cocktails with the girls. It’s whatever it needs to be for the people who make us who we are,” said PRIMI Marketing Director, Sean Holmes.

Where to find us? Head to Entrance 8 on the Upper Level at Canal Walk. Your senses will be treated to an unpretentious, inviting atmosphere complemented by nature-inspired tones, wooden floors and exposed brickwork. One of two dining areas is located under a double-volume glass ceiling that allows natural light to filter through. You’ll forget that you’re in a shopping mall.

Come in. Eat with us, drink with us, let’s be merry together.


The PRIMI Canal Walk opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 9AM – 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 9AM – 11PM
Sunday: 9AM – 9PM
Call 021 552 0055 to make a reservation.