Myths About Pizza from a Pizza Restaurant

As a proudly Afritalian pizza restuarant, we could go on and on about why we love pizza and why you should too, but, we know almost everyone on the planet loves a slice of cheesy goodness, so without further ado: here are five things you probably didn’t know about pizza, that would make for an interesting chat, over pizza!

1. Pizza originated in Italy

Many sources seem to credit the ancient Romans and Greeks with having first made the most popular food in the world, which back then would have been more like a focaccia bread.

But, the pizza as we know it today, oozing cheese and layered with toppings did originate in Naples, Italy. In fact, Neapolitana pizza was reportedly first mentioned in the 18th century, and the margherita was crafted in the late 19th century.

2. Hawaiians invented the Hawaiian

Canadian Sam Panopoulos, in Ontario in 1962, invented the Hawaiian – the pizza that has long been the topic of debates.

But, let’s end that debate: PRIMI says yes to pineapple to pizza, and no to haters.

3. Pizza was made popular in Italy

Italians who traveled to the USA as migrants were actually responsible for helping make pizza a global phenomenon between 1950 and 1980.

Pizzerias were also an inexpensive business opportunity for many back then, so the low-cost pizzeria attracted many entrepreneurs from all over the world, and this business boomed from 1970 onward.

4. Pizza isn’t fancy

A restaurant in New York called Industry Kitchen sells what could be the world’s most expensive pizza at $250 per slice or $2,000 for the whole darn pizza, featuring 24-karat gold!

Yeah, we’re not so keen on eating gold or caviar from the Caspian Sea on our favourite food either, plus you and your bank account are better off indulging in PRIMI’s 3 for 2 pizza promo…now that’s a special we can get on board with!

5. Pizza and math don’t go together

We kid you not, there is a mathematical theorem named after pizza.

Humans, behold the pizza theorem, which we suspect involves some PIEthagoras theory…

There you have it, five short pizza facts that you probably didn’t already know!

Remember, from today PRIMI is offering 3 pizzas for the price of 2, so round up the gang and come hungry!

Share your comments with us below or online, who knows, we might decide to be extra nice and gift you alil some’in some’in.