The PRIMI Pizza Journey

Pizza has been at the heart of PRIMI since our doors opened in 1998. In the past 20 years our menu has transformed in order to improve the aromas and flavours of your favourite urban-Italian eatery!

A few years ago PRIMI made the decision to introduce the finest quality ingredients and pizza-making methods to restaurants – bringing the traditionally exquisite pizza Napoletana to stores nation-wide.

Pizza Napoletana – An Artisanal Masterpiece

Making traditional pizza Napoletana is an art, a science, and a bit of history too!

Hailing from Naples in the 19th Century, pizza Napoletana is an artisanal amalgamation of naturally matured and hand stretched dough, juicy, deep-red tomatoes, and the freshest mozzarella cheese.

When made according to tradition, all the ingredients used for a pizza Napoletana stem from the same province in Italy where the best pizza in the world is made (other than your local PRIMI of course!).

Making the Tradition Our Own

To master the unique and ancient art of making proper pizza, we sought professional advice from artisan Italian pizza specialists.

It was an intricate and thorough process before bringing the original pizza home. We needed to learn and understand the methods of sourdough and pizza base preparation and marry this with the ideal ovens and temperatures needed to perfect juicy cheese melts and deliciously crispy golden crust.

Since the pizza base is the life source of its texture, whilst simultaneously achieving a perfect balance of flavours, turning to the original method of wood-fired ovens were a natural choice.

Which is why we tracked down state of the art wood-fired ovens to serve you an Italian delight that will leave you feeling as if you were transported directly to the fields of Naples!

Lastly, if you LOVE pizza like we do, read about some interesting pizza myths we discovered. If you’re a pasta connoisseur, check out PRIMI’s award-winning pasta blog post here.


*Wood-fired pizza served at selected stores only, so contact your local store for availability. Terms and conditions apply.