Go for Gold with Thami.

PRIMI World-Field Manager

Meet Thami, our triathlon champion, foodie and PRIMI World Field Manager. He provides leadership and handles the day to day running of various departments. No two days are alike, which works with the busy training schedule that keeps him in top shape both mentally and physically.

We grabbed an early morning coffee with him at PRIMI Camps’ Bay to get the inside scoop on how to eat and train like an athlete.

Here’s what he had to say:

When’s the best time for coffee?

My crew and I usually grab a cup after training, but I like to have a cup when I wake up. Gets me going.  

What foods do you avoid before a race?

High-fibre foods lead to GI distress and cramping because they are hard to fully digest, so they move through your system rapidly. Avoid those!

Fav PRMI item on the menu? 

Pesto Pasta and any Peak Performance meal. Loaded with just the right balance of protein, good carbs and veg. PRIMI’s breakfast bowls are also perfect before or after training. 

What’s the one ‘cocktail’ you prepare like a pro? 

Long Island iced tea. It’s made with equal parts of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec, plus lime, cola and plenty of ice. Shake and serve. 

What music do you work out to?

I prefer listening to podcasts. Listening to music is close to doping. You zone out. I like to zone in.

The funniest moment while racing? 

Running while trying to take your wetsuit is not as easy as it looks. There was also the time I forgot to take my helmet off and started running with it on. Runners brain, it’s a thing. 

Do you have an inspirational ‘motto’ ‘quote’ that gets you going? 

Anything by David Goggins. Read his book “Can’t hurt me’ and you will never be the same again. 

Are you on social media? Which athletes do you follow?

@thamigumpo on Instagram and Thamsanqa Gumpo on Facebook. I follow most of the top pros and everyday triathlons like myself. We’ve got to support each other.

What keeps you going as a triathlete? 

To become the athlete I am today I had to push my limits and develop incredible self-discipline. The thing is, I want more, I know I can do more. I am ready to push my limits even further as I know that I can work my way onto greater heights. 

We enjoyed hearing from Thami and would never have thought that music was a distraction to athletes?! 

If you enjoyed hearing from Thami, keep an eye out for part 2 of our ‘Go For Gold Series.’