PRIMI X Tanqueray helps to save water by cooling its patrons with G&T

There’s a urban re-awakening, a revolution of the spirit, and not the religious kind. It’s the spirit we know as gin, and, South Africa is one of the leaders of this urban revolution.

Passionate locals are migrating to gin watering holes such as PRIMI more often as the summer temperatures continue to rise. Cape Townians might find this even more attractive due to the current water crisis on their hands. Mainly because a glass of refreshing G&T is quite frankly the simplest way to cool down and save water.

Nothing says Summer like a refreshing Tanqueray G&T, and while you might not particularly enjoy the bitterness of tonic or stomach a sip of pure gin, the combination of the two creates the classic refreshing gin and tonic. Add some complimentary food pairing and Boom, you got a winning recipe for love.

During the month of Feb, PRIMI & Tanqueray have teamed up to bring you some amazing food and gin pairings in the name of “Getting Mixed”. Even better is that you can enjoy these pairings, less 25% off while also standing a chance to WIN the main kahuna, a PRIMIXTanqueray dining experience.

You can enter in 2 ways, visit our #GetMixed page here, and select your favourite PRIMIXTanqueray pairing. You’ll receive an instant 25% off voucher code redeemable at any PRIMI country wide, on us. You’ll instantly be entered into the main prize. To better your chances of winning  share your result on your favourite social network using the hashtag #GetMixed. Additional spot prizes may await you.

Try our Tanqueray Pink Grapefruit G&T or Tanqueray Mojito G&T with any of the food pairings below and let us know what you think.

Halloumi Lettuce Wrap
Avaocado Salsa
Lemon Parmasan Meatballs

Share your comments with us below or online, who knows, we might decide to be extra nice and gift you alil some’in some’in.