For The Love Of Pasta

For the love of pasta, we’ve rounded up everything you might have forgotten about this nutritional dish, from how the body uses carbs to some inspiring data from studies that have linked pasta to weight loss. That’s right, you’ll want to keep reading!


What You Didn’t Know About Pasta

A recent analysis, which took existing data from 30 previous studies (yep, nothing new here) revealed that participants, who, for the love of pasta, ate an average of 3.3 servings every week, lost an average of 0.5 kg’s a week.

But wait, you thought it was the cause of those cute love handles?

What most people tend to forget about pasta it’s not like most refined carbohydrates because it has a low glycemic index (low GI). This means that its impact on rising blood sugar levels are much lower than eating foods with a high GI, like rice and potatoes.

And for those who need a recap, our body relies on three main sources of energy – carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The body (and brain) naturally chooses carbs as its preferred source of energy because it’s quick to break down into glucose – an immediate energy source for the brain and muscles.

So, while some avoid carbs for the fear of weight loss, not only is it nutritionally necessary, but our mind, muscles, and the rest of our body need carbs as a vital source of energy.

Creating a Healthy Pasta Dish

Nutritionally, one cup of cooked pasta contains only 220 calories, 1 gram of fat, and zero cholesterol, and some of the pasta you find in supermarkets is also enriched with iron.

There are also whole-grain options, which contain about the same calories as regular pasta but with extra fiber, vitamins, and even protein.

Benefits to High Performance

Athletes have been long-time for the love of pasta been advocates of the benefits of pasta for peak performance during physical activity, using the tasty dish to their advantage.

As a high source of energy, the body stores that energy during activity, delaying fatigue and resulting in higher endurance, and when balanced with the right fats and protein, also repair and build muscle.

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