One of the hallmarks of the PRIMI brand is that it’s always evolving – adjusting its menus, developing new dishes and improving the crowd favourites. The past 18 months have been particularly busy for the members of the food development team who have spent time tasting and refining PRIMI’s breakfast offering. The result? A brand new, revamped breakfast menu that certainly packs a punch.

You’ll recognise traditional staples like Eggs Benedict and French Toast but they’ve been given a presentation overhaul that’s irresistibly refreshing. We’ve taken a fresh approach to breakfast classics, utilising herbs and power-packed nutritious ingredients.

Healthy living is a key focus of the new menu. Minus the pretence. Powerful, nutrient-dense ingredients are integrated into the offering in a non-threatening way without compromising on taste, texture or variety. PRIMI’s Executive Head Chef, Natale Schotti refers to the new menu as “food for thought,” but not the kind that will leave you feeling guilty about your secret love of carbs. It’s a sensory experience.

“I want our customers to reacquaint themselves with the tactile aspect of food – the visuals, the smells, the textures, honouring the factors that make food such an emotional part of our being. I want the offerings to nourish and feed our food curiosities while remaining an accessible and easy eating experience,” said Schotti.

Diversity. Flavour. Conscientiousness. Three words capture the essence of this menu. Its dishes are inspired by South African flavour, with options as diverse as the people who love the brand. And despite its wholesome upgrade, the menu still represents PRIMI’s “come as you are” philosophy. Sit back, be served and enjoy.

“At PRIMI we believe in always striving to improve – pushing the boundaries to create and deliver something better. The menus are an extension of this belief. With the new offerings rolling out into stores, customers can expect nothing short of PUNCHY PRIMI flavour – a fresh, new and colourful taste sensation,” said Sean Holmes, Group Marketing Director.


What are you waiting for? The new breakfast menu is in stores and ready to be sampled. Have a favourite dish?