PRIMI offers genuine artisanal award-winning Pasta

It’s official: PRIMI offers only genuine award-winning pasta, crafted by master pasta makers with recipes dating back to 1820!

PRIMI’s pasta endures a long artisanal journey before ending up served on your plate – we share how our age-old recipes and fine ingredients offer customers award-winning pasta made in true Italian tradition.

We take pride in PRIMI’s delicious food and swift service, but the preparation and processes followed in making our finely crafted dishes, encompassing flavours using only the freshest artisanal ingredients, are also at the forefront of everything that we do.

High-Quality, Award-Winning Pasta

In searching for the true artisans of our Italian tradition, we chose award-winning pasta Liguori, from Gragnano, Italy, awarded the name of Pasta di Gragnano IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and the fine stamp of approval!

Each bite you take is crafted by the hands of true connoisseurs, considered “custodians of this art to make a product that is a valid testimony of this century-long tradition.”

Authentic Ingredients from Italian Regions

PRIMI pasta is made using the finest mixtures of real Italian durum wheat taken from the Puglia, Basilicata, and Molise regions, and spring water found in local Gragnano, where wheat has been milled since early Roman times.

The dough is carefully kneaded using a unique and protein-preserving technique, where traditional bronze dyes are incorporated to render a roughened surface, which locks in the sauce.

Finally, the slow-drying processes at low temperatures are all considered to best enhance the fragrance, natural flavour, nutritional value, and texture of the pasta we serve you.

So, you can rest assured that each plate contains the wisdom of master pasta makers, dating back over two hundred years, very best selection of Italian grains, and a beautiful history perfumed with sun-kissed hills with flowing natural springs.

We’re sure that our pasta journey has left you salivating, so head over to your nearest PRIMI and indulge in our uncompromised authentic dishes with real taste, made by real people.