We love food. We also love people. In fact, those are the two things that make us who we are. So when we source ingredients for our food, our chief concern is how we can improve factors like taste, presentation, value, wholesomeness and also, how ethically those ingredients have been produced. If you’re a PRIMI regular, you’ll know that we’re constantly improving and developing our menu to make sure we deliver the best eating experience.

According to Natal Scotty, specialist on the PRIMI food development team: “the thought process behind our menu is to not move away from the traditional foods that PRIMI is known for, like pasta and pizza, but to move towards curated food.” Each ingredient that is used in PRIMI food is handpicked in a sense that each item has a story. Whether it’s sourced from an organic food market or from a sustainable fish farm, each ingredient is sourced consciously and ethically. When it comes to food preparation, “minimal interference” is our goal – we try to keep things as fresh and wholesome as possible. From start to finish, the PRIMI brand is about delivering excellence and satisfying the palates of the customers that keep our doors open. Here are 5 ways in which we make sure we deliver only the best eating experience.

Our salt is more than seasoning: Salt, the elixir of flavour, when used wisely and in precisely the correct proportions, draws out the true potential in ingredients. We’ve developed a secret salt that is distinct to the PRIMI brand. Our herb salt, which is used in our pasta water contains specially selected dried herbs that still contain all their essential oils. The mixture of herbs and salts bring life to our ingredients.

We are inspired by local cuisine: Our dishes feature flavours that the general South African public can identify with. Warm spices like cumin and coriander, which are constants on the local landscape of food, are infused into our recipes. We use goat’s cheese, a South African favourite in our flatbread selection. So when you visit PRIMI, there’s a taste of the familiar in every dish.

We source food ethically: With sustainability being at the forefront of our minds, it’s important to us to serve food that has been ethically sourced. We’ve moved away from imported fish to freshly caught linefish. Our trout and salmon are sourced from a family owned farm situated 80km outside of Cape Town. The farm uses only environmentally friendly management practices and provides jobs for many local village members.

We develop people: Our team means everything to us and we want to develop each member both professionally and personally. Our “work is love made visible” philosophy translates into our kitchens, where we train our staff and invest in them – showing them how to treat nature’s bounty with respect.

We deliver a communal eating experience: Have you seen the Spundini section on our menu yet? If not, check it out the next time you visit us. This section has been developed to deliver a communal eating experience inspired by traditions in North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. This series of smaller dishes is perfect for sharing and enjoying as a group.

We make food that tastes good and looks good. Have you noticed that your salad is not only wholesome but also colourful? That’s because we know it’s as much about presentation as it is about taste. We’ve infused our latest salads with seeds, beetroot and spinach to bring out the best colourings that nature produces.

About food curation for PRIMI Scotty says, “It’s not just about food, it’s about the people involved. Food is an emotional thing – eating with joy, eating with love.”

Our food development team is hands-on. They visit suppliers to have a look at their work spaces, to see what they do and how they do it. We make sure we know what happens to our ingredients from how they are grown to the hands that touch them on their way to our kitchens. So from the farm to the table, you can be sure that every effort is made to deliver only the best eating experience.

See you at PRIMI soon!