You Say Tomato, I Say PRIMI Tomato

A flavour burst of ripened Italian tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.

A flavour burst of ripened Italian tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, fresh oregano, basil & garlic.

There is so much potential in a tomato! And when picked at the right time in the right place, VOILA you discover the foundation of great Italian cooking.

Personal preferences, styles and palates vary as broadly as the plentitude of tomatoes.

So we sent our head chef Philip Alcock off on an adventure to discover and to under strict instructions demonstrated with BIG hand gestures by Cesco Zanasi, PRIMI co-founder, “bring home the tomato that has the potential to make that BOOOOOOM!” flavour burst.

When it comes to tomatoes there are many nuances of flavour profiles; distinguished by the type of tomato, where and how they are grown, when precisely they are picked and under what conditions. Even if you choose tomatoes from the same crop, but picked during different times of the day, the level of sweetness and acidity will vary.

The tomato expedition landed Phil in Palma Campania, about 25km east of Naples with the all-Italian story of tradition, local regions and farming practices that bear the ‘tomatoes’ of respecting nature and the seasons.

In so far as choosing to use non-invasive production processes, only harvesting tomatoes when they are ripe and ready, and keeping ingredients as pure and natural as possible. Furthermore, mixed in with this story is the positive universal message of using recyclable packaging material.

As such Chef enthusiastically tasted many batches of pure tomatoes, with each batch marked with details such as: the date and time picked, the temperature on that day, the level of moisture in the air, the number of growing days and the list of variables goes on.

In the end he found the full-bodied ‘BOOOOOOM’ needed to fulfill all saucy desires.

The chosen batch was rendered into a tomato pulp using advanced processing techniques without citric acid or any preservatives or flavourants added. The tin has a unique protective lining that ensures the tomatoes retain their aroma, flavour, natural colour and nutrition.

With these chosen tomatoes, all that is needed are the culinary essentials of premium desert rock salt and fresh herbs to craft flavour that packs a punch, and forms the base sauce for our PRIMI pizza and many pasta dishes.

Pure tomato pulp with no added preservatives, flavourings or colourants.

Pure tomato pulp with no added preservatives, flavourants or colourants.

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