Queen of the Crops

Superheroes Superfood

Like superheroes swooping in to save the day, superfoods rescue our bodies from illness, nutritional deficiencies and the threat of obesity. Seeing as we can’t sit on our gluten laurels for long, we’ve just introduced Wheat and Gluten Free Pasta for our health conscious peops that won’t compromise on taste.

Imported from Italy, this baby is made from maize, quinoa and rice – all wonder foods in their own right.

Which means when you’re tucking into our Wheat and Gluten Free Pasta you can be sure you’re eating:
– a high protein grain alternative
– a weapon in the fight against diabetes and hypertension – basically it lowers blood glucose levels and helps the cardiovascular system
– a natural appetite suppressant
– an anti-ageing miracle – a major antioxidant

The Inca’s thought of Quinoa as the ‘Mother of All Grains’, we tend to agree, but the proof is in the pasta dish so try it out and tell us what you think on our Facebook wall.