PRIMI EASTGATE – Revitalised and energetic


PRIMI Eastgate has had an extensive refurbishment, and it is most certainly bang on target, with the latest additions perfectly incorporating the ethos of PRIMI.


With its staff at its heart, and a family feel, this traditional Italian owned chain is making sure that their staff and customers are engaged on all levels. The kitchen has been opened up, with the new innovative wood-fired pizza oven now a focal point in the actual restaurant and the kitchen staff highly visible as they go about their culinary activities.


Brick work and neutral tones, exposed elements such as ducting, stone counter tops and raw wood floors keep the earthy traditional feel that PRIMI Eastgate is renowned for. Overlay the hard materials with an urban feel – brought in through clever use of lighting, wall graffiti, large windows and the renowned orange of PRIMI; this fascinating blend of traditional and urban energy is a bold move, but it works.


Channeling a high-street café feel, PRIMI Eastgate brings their energy out onto the “street” if you will, engaging with passers-by and pulling them into the store, to engage with the unpretentious, contagious energy that they emit.


The creation of different areas and nooks to service various markets is a fascinating concept. Be it breakfast time at the front of the store, grabbing a drink at the bar area, dining with the family outside on the balcony, having a PRIMI EASTGATE Revitalised and energetic business meeting inside (with well-positioned plug points for charging of appliances) or hosting a function in the new upstairs room, with its huge glass windows pulling in the light and the view, one could be forgiven forforgetting that you are in a mall.


The menu, although still featuring the great traditional foods we have come to know and love, now includes a Spuntini section – a dining style the Italians are all very familiar with. A communal eating experience, it’s here that you will find great snack foods. Be it to tide you over until dinner time, a quick bite between meetings, or something to munch on while you are watching the rugby – the array is superb. Order a variety of flavourful dishes, share, dip and mix.




From Italian meatballs served with a creamy relish, to delicious, hand-pressed and stonebaked flatbreads with a variety of fresh sauces and dipping goodies or a fresh carpaccio, you will most certainly not be lacking for something tasty and healthy to enjoy.


Note – try something called a Bloomin Onion. It’s a hand-carved, lotus-shaped onion in a light tempura batter and is possibly the most heavenly thing we have clapped our hands on. Looking for something a bit more filling? dining out Why not try the new extensive range of meat, chicken and fish dishes? The Porcini Steak, a prime cut of rump, perfectly grilled and topped with a tasty creamed garlic and porcini mushroom purée is beyond compare. Those who are banting need not stress, the Mediterranean Fillet is carb free and delicious. The flame-grilled chicken Prego is also a hit and the baked salmon trout parcel served on a bed of fresh spinach with coriander, mint, caramelised lemon, capers and sautéed onions is superb.


Now celebrating his third year at the Eastgate branch, owner Gavin Burnard is as lively and upbeat as his new store, and stops to check in on diners, and crack the odd joke here and there with regular patrons as he does his rounds between the tables. Gavin’s passion and pride in his store are clear to see, and the staff are clearly energised by him. Family first – and this is the pleasant feeling you walk away with after a visit to PRIMI Eastgate. New friends have been made, and we cannot wait to return soon.



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