A Celebration of Craftmanship

A Celebration of Craftsmaship

PRIMI first shot to fame in 1999 and brought a taste of ‘the old country’ into a vibrant urban context. Set to soon launch a new menu from mid-November, customers can expect nothing short of PRIMI’s punchy flavour, Mediterranean-inspired wholesome food and an unpretentious eating experience.


Made Fresh From Scratch

The brand boldly states that when it comes to food ‘THE FUTURE IS TRADITION’, and as such calls upon recipes dating back over two hundred years with great effort being made to source pure ingredients, without artificial additives. As such premium 00-grade stoneground flour, bronze-drawn artisan pasta and pure tomato pulp are imported from Italy. Fresh herbs, desert rock salt, toum and olive oil enhance the prime cuts of meat, sustainably farmed salmon trout and vegetables. Even the dipping sauces and PRIMI condiments are freshly made from scratch. Moreover, ozone is used with filtered water to clean and naturally preserve ingredients. So diners can rest assured that the tasty dishes are also packed with nutrition.


The Pursuit of Taste

As a PRIMI spokesperson explains “in the pursuit of taste, at PRIMI we always acknowledge ingredients, making them the lead players with our focus on unleashing their true potential. Using the right cooking technique paired with perfect timing, and the simple addition of natural seasoning brings flavours to the forefront. By having keen knowledge of prime ingredients and the traditional art of releasing flavour, we strive to create real taste without artificial distractions.”


Urban Energy

The brand is renowned for its “urban energy”. PRIMI provides a truly urban landscape with an eclectic mix of people aspiring towards an innovative culture that enhances each and every individual’s potential, through working together with positive intention and with the very best approach towards food and dynamic interactions. Each store creates its own visual identity that embraces its local context and the personality of the restaurateur.


The stores tastefully interweave contemporary décor and urban artwork with handcrafted, traditional materials. Keeping with the brands intention of honesty and integrity, the kitchen galleys are visually accessible and form part of the restaurants key features. Launching mid-November, the new Eden On The Bay store not only boasts magnificent sea views, but also a state-of-the-art pizza oven imported from Italy, that combines traditional wood-fired baking with innovative gas-burner technology. The result is an oven that reaches up to 450 degrees Celsius and a perfectly baked pizza.


Striving to serve traditional pizza Napoletana, PRIMI uses high protein flour, filtered water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, desert rock salt, natural yeast and malt. The 24-hour-matured and hand-stretched pizza base is topped with Italian tomatoes, Fior di Latte and mature mozzarella, and then baked till golden, fragrant and tender-crisp. Wheat and gluten free pizza crafted with organic ingredients is also available.


Cesco Zanasi, co-founder of PRIMI concludes, “The new menu is a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship, and an exploration of flavour, depth and texture. The dishes are fresh, colourful, nutritious and joyous and we hope will inspire a family-style, shared eating experience.”


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