In Conversation

Candice Cruse's art

Real and gritty conversations about contemporary South Africa are the hot topic for Diptych, a group exhibition in Braamfontein on 19 September. Following on from a long line of conversations between artists: “We must talk to each other as much as we can, [Matisse] told Pablo one day. When one of us dies, there will be some things the other will never be able to talk about with anyone else” (Gilot/Lake 1964).

Artist Candice Cruse discusses working in partnership with Bevan de Wet. ”Artists were invited by Assemblage to present a new or existing work alongside another artist of their choice to be shown on the exhibition. The exhibition intends to create a dialogue and exchange platform between artists and their works and allows for microcosmic conversations to happen in a larger dialogue. It also allows for artists to play around with re-interpretation of existing works….Bevan and myself have a long artistic relationship dating back to when he mentored me during my studies at Rhodes University.”

And, to the challenges of collaborative work she goes on, ”I  suppose, in a way, the challenges manifest as opportunities. This is my first exhibition outside of a pedagogical institution, which brings its own challenges. In most places and situations you find yourself in you have to guide your own way; it is rare that you will be simply given a chance to exhibit if you are not associated with a gallery or similar institution. You have to be networking and connecting with people all the time, and exhibiting in a group show such as this one is a wonderful occasion to see what other artists are working on and how they have utilised a collaborative opportunity.

This piece forms part of a larger body of work and Candice has attempted to mimic and embody several historical art references of women intimately posed together. ”This resulted in a series of strangely disconnected photographic images on which the drawn bodies were based.” she explains.

The Diptych exhibition is presented by the ASSEMBLAGE and will run until the end of September as a fringe event to the Joburg Art Fair.

Come join us for a glass of wine, Primi Piatti pizzas, a view of Johannesburg and a night of fresh ideas and exciting hot young artists.

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