New Beachfront Store Now Open in Cape Town


PRIMI’s new beachfront store, Eden-on-the-Bay restaurant has opened its doors. In the process creating 60 new jobs, which the community will agree is a much-needed contribution to the local economy. The brand is no stranger to the area, with its Table View restaurant being a popular destination for many years now. This additional outlet expands PRIMI’s positive impact and involvement in the community. The loyalty shown by the beach front, West Coast community to the Table View store has turned it into a landmark feature. This, coupled with the growing demand for PRIMI’s trademark quality dining, has paved the way for the new store in Eden-on-the-Bay. More exciting developments are in the works with PRIMI’s new menu that has launched nationally in December. 

Jono Dutton, who owns and manages four local Primi restaurants is excited about this launch at Eden-on-the-Bay. True to the brand, Jono is passionate about food and great dining experiences, which has contributed to the success of the restaurants he manages. His passion for excellent service and tasty food fits perfectly with the PRIMI approach of making all food, including sauces from scratch. It is a conscientious modus operandi that guarantees fresh and delicious food. Jono launched his first PRIMI store 16 years ago, and has since become a respected name in the industry. He describes his management style as “power with people, as opposed to power over people.” It is readily apparent in the way that restaurant staff treat customers and each other. It elevates PRIMI dining into the realms of a genuine fine restaurant dining experience for its customers. This certainly isn’t cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, impersonal fast food dining. For instance, the front-of-house staff are trained to take note of regulars and offer them extra special treatment and benefits. First-time guest or regular diner, one thing’s for certain, the proper PRIMI way means that you will have an excellent time at PRIMI. 

The new Eden-on-the-Bay Beachfront PRIMI brings an incomparable food and service experience to that location. The new restaurant will also feature a unique pizza oven, imported from Italy, that combines traditional wood-fired baking, with cutting edge gas-burner technology. The result is an oven that reaches temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius, to produce great pizzas. It’s a marriage of tradition and modernity, that is the first of it’s kind locally. It’s expected success will lead to similar ovens being installed in the four other local PRIMI’s Jono manages. Jono describes his staff as family, a fact attested to by some staff members being with Primi since he hired them 16 years ago. This close relationship extends both ways, with PRIMI’s investment in staff training and development being rewarded by dedication and loyalty. 

PRIMI provides a truly urban landscape with an eclectic mix of people aspiring towards an innovative culture that enhances each and every individual’s potential, through working together with positive intention and with the very best approach towards dynamic situations. Each shop is allowed the freedom to establish its own visual identity in order to embrace its location and the local community it serves. Consequently, at the Table View and new Eden-on-the-Bay premises beach and sea themes are tastefully interwoven in the décor, combined with phenomenal views of the ocean and Table Mountain. PRIMI restaurants are wellknown for their polished contemporary appearance. This will certainly be a feature at the new premises at Eden-on-the-Bay. In addition, that site will also feature an open galley kitchen built around the state-of-the-art imported pizza oven mentioned above. PRIMI offers a loyalty rewards programme linked to a card that customers can accumulate points on and also become eligible for other exclusive benefits. 

Jono Dutton concludes, “We are looking forward to serving the local community at Eden-on the-Bay in the dedicated manner we have become known for. I believe that every meal is a celebration, it’s our aim to ensure that the dining experience matches the occasion customers are celebrating.”


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