Our food is fresh & fast, comforting & healthy with all menu items freshly prepared from scratch using only the finest sourced ingredients. With double-zero grade pizza flour & premium pasta imported form Italy, gluten & wheat free options are available. Free range chicken & eggs, free range burgers, market fresh fruit & veg and the list of premium ingredients goes on. Whether its sit down or quick service take-out, PRIMI is geared to produce wholesome comfort meals pronto!

Primi Restaurants

The food is inspired by Italian tradition but influenced by the cosmopolitan present with traditional & gourmet offerings all done healthy with the finest sourced ingredients. The meals are prepared with the healthier options of preparation; with ingredients lightly sautéed, seared, grilled, cooked al dente & burgers iron-pressed ensuring that the natural flavors & integrity of the ingredients are prominent.

Built around customer-centricity and positive customer experience, the restaurant design is orientated around ease of flow, and open kitchens for you to see what's cooking. Décor is an eclectic mix of comfort & unpretentious style. Comfortable, but still sexy enough to sip on that cocktail & love your dining experience.





Primi Xpress

Fast food and take-out that does not compromise on healthy & delicious meal offerings. Delivering the taste & wholesomeness of PRIMI’s extensive menu direct to your door. Inspired by technological innovations and international architectural layouts, PRIMI Xpress has been modeled to efficiently operate and produce fresh & fast meals in less than 100m2 of space.

The kitchen is set just back from the front counter, and should you pop by for a quick collection you can watch your food being freshly prepared from scratch.
If you prefer your meal delivered to you, warm bags will keep your food at the optimal temperature to taste as if it’s come straight out the oven.







There is no substitute for quality and in an effort to break the stereotypical approach to fast food chicken, the PRIMI team embarked to find a unique & healthy fast food chicken alternative that could service the growing global demand for chicken as a healthy protein source & fulfilling meal choice. Tapping into the knowledge of a Parisian 3rd generation family owned rotisserie company, we found what we were after – an open-flame, hot rock rotisserie oven capable of producing the finest, most succulent tasting chicken we could ever have imagined.

Coupled with our locally sourced free roaming, free range, hormone-free chicken you can taste the meat is vibrant and has more integrity. An array of freshly prepared accompaniments is on offer & openly displayed for you to easily pick and choose from. True to PRIMI’S philosophy of transparency & integrity, the kitchen is open and the rotisserie visually prominent.






The PRIMI PODS menu ensures meals away from home meet children’s nutritional needs more closely. When we say 100% beef it means there are no unknown nasties to worry about. The same goes for our chicken & eggs. Wheat & gluten free pasta is also available.

All meals incorporate at least two, or more, major food groups to ensure a broad range of nutrients, and a serve of vegetables is dished up with many of the popular meals like Bolognese, Grilled Sausage & Butternut Mash. Many of our items are now grilled or baked rather than fried.



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